Winter Ritual



When autumn is ending
Winter is coming
The hustle and bustle of the city may have concealed the change of seasons
But the coolness of the wind tells the difference

Nothing can be more enjoyable than taking a hot bath in winter
Imagine the hot steam rising from the tub
Let's hold a winter ritual with the first bath in winter

We who live in the prosperous city
Always pushed forward by life and work
But ignore our inner pursuit
At a busy and fast pace
Time is passing away
Life becomes monotonous

Escape the busy city life
Get a moment of respite from the rush of life
Then face life with enthusiasm
Between prosperity and simplicity
Have a free and aspiring soul
This is the main theme of the Urban Series Bathtub

In the dim light
The hot steam rises slowly
The mist gradually filled the bathroom
This attractive space
Evokes a feeling of happiness
Away from the cold outside
Bathtub becomes a spiritual habitat for R&R

Round opening
Pure white
As if surrounded and hugged by water
Enjoy the moment of comfort and quietness
Give the bathroom space unique spirituality,
Home, sweet home

Oval egg shape
Excellent combination of design and technology
Sleek & colorful
Break the "rules" of life
Bring the softness that life should have

Smooth and exquisite material
Ergonomic design
Integrate the beauty of classics with conciseness
Incorporate the "slow" philosophy into life
Comfort and calm come spontaneously
Just stay in it
Troubles, anxiety, restlessness all drift away
As the mist slowly rising
Bliss is coming

The sense of ritual in life
is not just something like anniversary gift
'tis an attitude to life
Make common little things meaningful

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