Why are Bathroom Vanities so Expensive?



The reasons why bathroom vanities are so expensive include the material, the size, and the design (style).


Most of the time, if we want our homes to seem great or complete, we focus totally on areas like the front room, bedroom, dining room and kitchen. We rarely see homeowners prioritize their bathrooms, but actually , it's one among the foremost important parts of homes. It's one among the most used areas of the house, so it should tend due importance also on other places also. One among the simplest furniture sets to use to form our bathrooms look good and at an equivalent time add more functionality is the modern bathroom vanity.

However, goodies go along with a price, and bathroom vanities lately are quite expensive. So why are bathroom vanities so expensive?

There's no way for you to compromise on the material quality of the vanity since there's a lot of moisture, like steam, in the bathroom. A  bathroom vanity usually consists of a basin, a countertop and a base cabinet that under the top.

Countertop is a costly part of a vanity set. Common materials include marble, granite, quartz, artificial stone. These counter tops are usually available to be bought by square feet. If you go to the market to buy only a few square feet, you would be shocked when you know the price.

The second vital component is the base cabinet. Some people may feel dreadful when just think of his bathroom without a cabinet for storing toiletries. Most base cabinets are made of MFC (Melamine Face Chipboard), or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), or plywood, or solid wood.

It is never a sound idea to use any other inferior (usually very cheap) material for your base cabinet. If you do that, the moisture in the restroom will easily impair the wood boards, then damage your bathroom essentials inside. In addition, cheap installation costs may lead to a lot of hassle and expensive repair fees later.

The solid wood would be the best choice for long-term and durable use. It could be pricey, but it gives off a natural and high end look to your vanity set.

Beside the material, let's think about the design (style) and the size. These are great benefits of the bathroom vanity. The vanity can bring style to any sort of bathroom, since it can be customized in various designs. Modern, contemporary, transitional or vintage. You name it. It also comes in all kinds of sizes, small type (24"), medium type (48"), large type (90"). It is very flexible. Whatever your design preferences are, sure there's always an ideal one for you.

The top-notch materials, size, bespoke designs may cost a fortune, but they are definitely worth it.

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