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Model NO. S10
Mounting Type: Wall-mounted
/ Material: Porcelain Slab
/ Number of Basin(s): 2

Deep, magnanimous, far-reaching

White cloud and sparkling obsidian intertwine into a magnificent wonderland


  • Open black iron frame
  • Italian porcelain slab countertop
  • Quartz sand drop-in basin
  • Simple rectangle silver mirror
  • Anti-scratching surface



  • Size: 800*552*855mm / 1760*550*850mm
  • Material: Black iron frame + porcelain slab
  • Color: Italian gray
  • Environment Certification: E1
  • Design: Italian porcelain slab countertop. Marble grain and touch. Elegant and fashionable. Firm and durable. Mortise and tenon structure. Open frame for convenient storage.
  • Hanging system: H00
  • Easy to install with minimal assembly required.


  • Size: 700*552*180mm
  • Type: Drop-in
  • Material: Quartz sand
  • Color: Matte black
  • Advantage: Smooth surface. Sleek body. Easy to dry, clean and maintain. Antibacterial and high yellowing resistance. Double fired for durability and stain resistance.
  • Pop-up: Included
  • ATTENTION: The faucet is NOT included.


  • Size: φ800*25mm
  • Type: LED mirror
  • Material: Silver + glass
  • Shape: Round
  • Advantage: Backlit LED light provides indirect & soft lighting. Iconic daisy shape touch switch. Intelligent anti-fogging function. Remove the water vapor on the mirror by one single touch. Combine functionality with aesthetics.

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