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V01 Smart Toilet

Model NO. V01

V01 is the perfect option for anyone who wants a luxury toilet bidet without spending a fortune, and is the perfect upgrade to any bathroom. This unit has soft curves that are hard to find in high end units, allowing it to look great in any bathroom. Great looks, combined with a design that offers all the features you could want make this unit a must consider when looking for a high end unit for your bathroom upgrade.


  • Sensor release + off-seat flushing (including water tank)
  • Hygiene & Various Wash Modes. Posterior wash, feminine wash, pulsating wash, adjustable water pressure, hygienic filtered water.
  • Eliminates the embarrassment of bathroom odors with a powerful deodorizer.
  • Multiple wash options allow for a perfect wash every time: rear wash, soft wash, oscillating wash covers additional surface area, pulsating wash for tender areas.
  • WaterMark, CB and CE certified.

smart toilet specifications v01


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