TONA | The milestone events in 2019



The memorable moment is the gift given by time and tide
Those milestone of glory, is the moment touching your heart
Not only the recognition of past efforts, but the action of your glorious youth
Review the contribution of pursuit for more natural and healthier bathroom life which TONA made for global users,
Those left brilliant and glittering steps.

1.Salone Internationale del Mobile di Milano (9th -14th April 2019)
Salone Internationaledel Mobile di Milano- Milano design week is a top-level design event that brings designers and industry leaders together from all over the world. TONA, together with world’s top brands, gathered at the Italian-Chinese design masters forum in milan's HOAA international exhibition center, representing the spirit of German craftsma. The model Fiona, which advocating natural minimalism, stood out from many top brands in the world and won the best design award.

Salone Internationale del Mobile di Milano

2.The strategic cooperation between Saint-Gobain group and TONA
Saint-Gobain group, one of the world's top 500 industrial enterprises, has signed an agreement with TONA bathroom company, to carry out strategic cooperation on bathroom cabinets, bathtubs and other products. Saint-Gobain group will focus on introducing TONA to its 4100 global distributors. This is a mutually beneficial and win-win business cooperation. but also bring the global users to experience the natural and healthy TONA products.

The strategic cooperation between Saint-Gobain group and TONA

3.The launching of porcelain slab (2th April 2019)
TONA firstly launched the 2019 porcelain slab collection, which combine the preview designs and top-class porclain, the whole collection is rich in a strong exquisite artistic style, each piece tells the design concept and the special attention to details.

Bova Bathroom cabinetVik Bathroom cabinetInalco Bathroom cabinet

4.New creation for the porcelain table (15th Oct. 2019)
Porcelain table series are presented with the multi-dimensional achievements of TONA, which strongly demonstrates the brand strength and provides more natural and healthier home experience feelings for global users.

New creation for the porcelain table

Time makes life dignified, memory tracks beauty
2019, the achievements of TONA is brilliant;
2020, the magnificent chapter will go on.
It will be never changed for TONA to pursue the natural and healthy life, the ingenuity in living
We are looking forward to the new coming year, be better, be stronger
2020, go on!
2020, come on!

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