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In recent years, the search volume of "bathroom mirror cabinet" has been on the rise on Google, according to a keyword research tool “Keywords Everywhere".

Why is that?

Well, bathroom mirror cabinets do offer many benefits. With COVID-19 still affecting the world on every level, the benefits are even more obvious.


1. Save Space (A Lot)

Undoubtedly, the first reason customers look for bathroom mirror cabinets is to save floor space in the bathroom. As a matter of fact, mirror cabinets are a practical and versatile storage solution for your bathroom. As wall-mounted devices, they free up valuable floor space that would otherwise be taken up by free-standing bathroom cabinets. If you have a small bathroom and need a convenient storage solution, then a mirror cabinet is for you.

2. Store Bathroom Essentials

According to our experience, customers choose mirror cabinets for their convenience. You can store daily necessities such as daily toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies, accessories and snacks; they are also famous for storing your shaving supplies. In many cases, the mirror cabinet is medicine cabinet. So yes, you could store your meds in it. Mirror cabinets reduce the clutter in the bathroom while providing a seamless view.

3. Stylish Accessories for Any Bathroom

Bathroom mirrors will never go out of style, and having a cabinet function is an absolute advantage. The mirror reflects light, thereby enhancing the appearance of the bathroom. In addition, mirrors can complement showers, bathroom fixtures and sanitary accessories. When you indulge in daily beauty routines, you can consider installing a stylish mirror cabinet to turn your bathroom into a beautiful relaxing area.

Before you buy any mirror cabinet, we have some interesting ideas and designs for your inspiration.

Colors (or Finishes)

The impact of color on people can be pretty immense. The use of colors in everyday life can have different psychological effects. The right color choice can make you feel less hungry, or raise your blood pressure. The bathroom is where you kick off the day and an escaping sanctuary at the end of the day. You’d want the room to be peaceful and relaxing. Below are some popular colors (or finishes) of bathroom mirror cabinets to inspire you.

  • Gold
  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown


Mirror cabinets come in many shapes. Popular shapes include round, oval and rectangle.

Round and oval cabinets are suitable for women of the elders, because the appearance is more fashionable and attractive. Also, it does not have sharp edges, which makes it safer. However, the storage space may make a compromise.

Most mirror cabinets are rectangular. It looks more stable and stronger. With inner shelves, the storage space is maximized in this shape.


The size of the bathroom mirror cabinet usually depends on that of the vanity below it.

Common small bathroom vanity sizes are 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch.

Medium to large vanity cabinet sizes include 48 inch, 60 inch, 72 inch.

The size of the mirror cabinet should be more or less the same as the vanity unit, making the whole space look harmonious.

Mount Type

There are three mount types of the mirror cabinet: recessed, surface mount (usually wall-mounted), corner mount.

Surface mount is the most common type, because it is very easy to install.

For recessed type, the space needs to be planned ahead before home decoration.

Corner mount is less seen. It may look interesting, but it is not that practical, since it does not provide much storage space like the former two do.


Door Type

There are usually three door types: sliding, swing, and tri-view.

Swing is the most common type. Its cost is lower and it’s relatively easier to manufacture.

The tri-view type is usually used above a double vanity due to the big size. You can store different things, like medicine and toiletries, in the three separate cabinets.

The sliding type is less seen than the previous two types. It requires more opening space, and it does look cool.


The style of the bathroom mirror cabinet should match the vanity below it.

There are three styles that are most common: modern, rustic and traditional.


Nowadays, there are many materials available to you when selecting your bathroom mirror cabinet. The popular materials are wood, aluminum, stainless steel. Other materials are plastic, brass, glass, etc.

Wood is an endlessly traditional and much-loved material. No longer designated to damp old Victorian style bathroom décors, the modern wooden bathroom mirror cabinet is superbly versatile. It can be the shabby chic retro statement amidst a modern bathroom design, or simply support a home bathroom design approach that takes a little of both realms into account.

Aluminum bathroom mirror cabinets are incredibly sleek options that provide you with the potential to create a luxurious, modern and understated look. If you are choosing to follow a minimalist bathroom aesthetic then an aluminum cabinet may well be your best bet.

They say that steel is real and that certainly seems to be the case when it comes to stainless steel bathroom mirror cabinets. There is a timeless quality to these specimens, an all-encompassing suitability that renders them well for any sort of bathroom décor concept you are entertaining.


As dark décor abounds in the mind of the modern bathroom designer, the illuminated or backlit electric bathroom mirror cabinet rises similarly in popularity.

Bathroom mirror cabinet with lights picture:


With Coronavirus still going on, it is safer and more convenient to buy things online.

Bathroom mirror cabinets are one of the most popular items with TONA customers. If you want to find out more about these great units, click the pictures below, or contact us directly. 

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Other online buying channels include:Other online buying channels include:


The installation of the mirror cabinet is not too complicated. Different types require different methods. Here is one for your reference.

Step 1. Take the items and shelves out of the recessed medicine cabinet. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove screws that attach the inside of the cabinet to the studs, and pull out the recessed cabinet. Skip this step if the new cabinet installs on another wall.

Step 2. Remove the shelves from the new mirror cabinet. Using a cordless drill with a screw-tip attachment, remove the screws that attach the cabinet door hinges to the cabinet. Take off the doors, set them aside and save the screws.

Step 3. Position the cabinet on the wall as it will install, such as centered above a sink or over a toilet. Raise or lower it for the desired space at the underside of the cabinet. Place a short level on the top, and align the cabinet so the top is exactly horizontal. Make a few reference marks on the wall at the sides, top and bottom of the cabinet, and set the cabinet aside.

Step 4. Locate studs in the wall between the reference marks for the sides of the cabinet, using a stud finder. Mark the locations of each stud just above the upper reference marks on the wall and below the lower ones.

Step 5. Position the cabinet at the face of the wall, and align it with the reference marks on the wall. Use the upper and lower stud-marks as guides, and drive a pair of 2-inch wood screws through the back of the cabinet and into the corresponding studs. Drive the screws 1 1/2 inch below the top and 1 inch above the bottom edge of the cabinet.

Step 6. Reattach the cabinet door hinges to the cabinet with the saved screws. Install the shelves in the cabinet.

Here is a Youtube video for your reference.

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