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T061 Bidet Toilet

T061 Bidet Toilet

Model NO. T061
Size: 670*390*795mm / P-trap/S-trap optional / Rough-in size: 180/250mm / Wall/floor waste pipe

Ultra-High Efficiency for water savings, this toilet gives you the choice of either a full or partial flush for maximum water savings. This one-piece toilet is made from high-quality ceramic that extremely resistant to scratches and stains, and will not fade over time, integrate the tank and bowl into a seamless, easy-to-clean design.


  • Modern, compact one-piece design. Perfectly suitable for any bathroom.
  • Siphon jet flushing: Fully glazed flush. Super-quiet and powerful flush with no clogs. Leak-proof.
  • Note that this toilet is designed for floor mounting.
  • A nice glazed surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface.
  • 100% factory flush tested
  • Easy to install and keep clean. The self-cleaning glazed surface is both attractive and easily maintained.

Size: 670*390*795mm

Gross/Net weight: 61/48kgs

Rough-in size: 180/250mm

P-trap/S-trap optional

Wall/Floor waste pipe


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