Small Modern Square Bathroom Design Idea


small square bathroom

If you're looking for bathroom ideas for your apartment that are both functional and stylish, the square bathroom design is a great option. It will not only improve the appearance of your bathroom, but it will also make it seem more open and large. You can rapidly modify the design of your bathroom with modern bath fixtures and tiling options.

This bathroom exemplifies what may be done with a bathroom that is smaller than four square meters in size.
small square bathroom layout

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Bathroom area: 3-5 m2

Design style: Modern minimalist

Cost: $1,000~1,500

gray bathroom vanity

To make the bathroom appear more spacious, choose light colors. It is essential to pick the color and style of the bathroom with care. You could, for example, use light hues on the walls and a warm-colored floor.

gray bathroom vanity and mirror
gray bathroom
white smart toilet

For square bathroom ideas, go for a glass shower. The idea is simple: the opaque walls make your bathroom appear smaller by default. As a result, replacing your standard shower doors with glass doors is critical. It will assist to make your little bathroom appear larger and more open.

chrome shower system

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