Small Bathroom Idea That Look More Spacious


small bathroom idea

This small bathroom design is intended to make a small area feel not just larger and more functional, but also appealing.

When it comes to small bathroom design, careful planning - which encompasses everything from layout to fixture selection to creative storage solutions - is essential for making even the smallest bathroom seem big. The frosting on the cake is stylish finishing that are also functional.

small bathroom layout

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Bathroom area: 3-5 m2

Design style: Modern, Minimalist

Cost: $1,500~5,000

wood floating vanity
(Bathroom Vanity: Angela-pro)

Choose floating vanities to free floor space

Mounting your vanity to the wall and clearing the floor space beneath it will make your room feel more open and spacious.

Choose a vanity with ample storage for towels and toiletries, as well as a basin that fits neatly on top.

bathroom vanity with mirror cabinet

Hang mirrors to open up the space

Hang a big mirror (or two or three) over your bathroom sink to reflect natural light and make the area appear more spacious.

You'll be shocked at how much a mirror can open up a space, and it's the number one technique interior stylists employ to make a room feel bigger.

In this case, it is a mirror cabinet, which provides extra storage space for cosmetics and cleaning supplies.

Make a statement in your bathroom by going large and bold.

smart toilet and towel warmer

It could be worth dividing a family bathroom into zones — for example, putting the shower and bath on one side and the basin and toilet on the other – so that someone can brush their teeth while you're bathing the kids.

chrome shower system

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