TONA Advantages

Manufacturing Strength

TONA is one of the leading manufacturers of exclusive bathroom furniture. We have huge factory areas in different places, over 200,000m2 in total. Many imported facilities are in use, like Italian Makor Automatic Assembly Line, German Automatic Thermo Foil Production Line, German Wemhoner Smart Temperature Film Lamination Machine, German HOMAG Complete Production Line, 720° Rotatable WATER JET Cutting Equipment. With so many imported equipment, our production capacity is huge. For bathroom cabinet: 35,000+ pcs/month; for basin: 30,000+ pcs/month; for mirror: 15,000+ pcs/month; for bathtub: 1,000+ pcs/month.

35000+ Cabinet
30000+ For Basin
15000+ For Mirror
1000+ For Bathtub
200 km²

Factary area


Rotatable Waterjet Cutting equipment

Service Assurance

TONA service commitment is not just a slogan but a firm action. You can count on TONA service to get suitable bathroom furniture for your market effortlessly. We provide a complete service system, professional design solution, best technical support and best quality control for freeing you away from any worries in choosing and using our bathroom furniture.

One-to-one Consulting Service

TONA has professional BD teams to serve customers with all kinds of questions and requests. We offer 1 on 1 instant professional response, usually within 30 minutes. We attach great importance to communicating with customers. Wherever you are, abroad or domestically, you can contact us at any time since TONA has an online consultation service team which provides 365 days x 24 hours services for customers.

Product Customization Service

TONA offers customization support. Our professional technical team provides comprehensive customization service for customers with unique needs. With decades of experience in bathroom furniture customization, both remotely and on site, we can provide all sorts of design solutions tailored to customers’ requests.

Brand Shop Decoration Consulting Service

TONA professional store designer would be happy to offer decoration advice if the customer intends to build a shop. We have a whole floor of sample room, which could be soft decorated or change some interior finish according to your needs, showing you the real effect of your customized products.

After Sales Services

TONA has a reliable after sales team, who not only timely solves the problems that our customers run into, but also collect feedback and improvement recommendations from our customers, so as to help adjust and direct our research and development.

Complete OEM & ODM Service

Custom service (private label) is at the heart of our business. For OEM/ODM customers, we can offer you a complete design & manufacture service, often creating entirely new and avant-garde sanitary ware products in the industry that meet your exact needs and requirements. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities offer reliable, flexible and timely production whether your custom requirement is small or large. Quality is key for us and continuous investment in equipment and automation enables us to achieve extremely high levels of repeatability. Certification to ISO standards confirms that we adopt a continuous improvement approach to service and quality assurance. Our goal is total customer satisfaction.

Quality Control Inspection

TONA performs 100% inspection before delivery. We use precise tools for quality inspection. Unqualified products will be sent back to rework immediately. If the defective product is beyond repair, we will arrange production in no time. We are also committed to the R&D of high-end bathroom furniture and offering you top-notch products and services.


TONA has established its own laboratory, which has all kinds of testers, to provide best goods and services for customers and to faster solve the difficulties that customers encounter. Our laboratory has color difference tester, hardware salt spray tester, board static bending intensity tester, melamine abrasive resistance tester, yellowing resistance tester, box physical performance tester, etc.

Social Responsibility

TONA shoulders the social responsibility, as well. TONA has FSC Certificate, which ensures that products come from responsibility managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. TONA bathroom furniture meets EU E1 plus emission standard: EU E1 regulation: steady-state concentration of Formaldehyde emission ≤ 0.1ppm (0.12 mg/m³). TONA selected E1 plus materials, the Formaldehyde emission is much lower than the index. TONA performs occupational physical examination: Certificated by ISO18001. Organize workers to do the physical examination quarterly. Health Insurance: All staffs are covered by national health insurance. All products are covered under “Products Liability Insurance” by PICC.

Contact Us

TONA Marketing Center: L3A-202, Hongqiao World Center, Shanghai

TONA Production Base: YanJiang Industrial Park, Linhai City, ZheJiang

TEL: +86 21-60299001
Hotline: +86 137 5761 6512