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First of all, if you've got a trusted contractor you’re working with, they're going to be ready to prompt you and guide you on a number of the space requirements and share what's feasible. That being said, they're probably more indifferent about design aspects. Do your own homework and gather inspirational photos to piece together a number of the small print you do/don’t like. Here are a number of the initial inquiries to ask yourself, then confirm with whoever is installing your small bathroom vanity.

What is the utmost size vanity — both width and depth — that the space can accommodate?
If you've got it between two short walls (opposite the toilet), your estimate will probably be easier. But, if you've got a rest room next to the vanity, there’s no shame in sitting on the rest room , accounting for a rest room paper holder and determining a cushty size from that, too.

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Do you have a preference on faucet style?
If you would like a widespread faucet, you'll got to search for vanities and skim the descriptions to form sure the highest is configured to your preference of faucet style. Typically, even alittle bathroom vanity can hold a widespread faucet layout.

Does the sink and top accompany the vanity?
Again, while most vanities do, read the outline so there aren’t any surprises. Most vanity stock images are styled with faucets that don’t accompany the vanity and you don’t want to believe a picture and assume that it comes with the highest that’s pictured.

(Bathroom Vanity for Small Bathrooms)

Do you want the tiny backsplash or no backsplash?
If your wall was painted with a durable (waterproof) paint or clad with ceramic tiles, you do not got to worry about water marks. Then no backsplash would be fine. Otherwise, use backsplash just just in case.

How will the unit be "built in"?
Floating or freestanding, that's the question. Floating vanities don't require much, as long because the wall is solid and even. For freestanding type, maybe you will need to notch out the baseboards and therefore the bottom where the legs are, in order that it could set flush against the wall, and perhaps caulk the vanity top back to the wall.

Do you want/need doors or drawers?
One of the reasons a number of you would like an arrogance — even alittle vanity — within the first place is for ample toilet tissue storage — cabinets with an indoor shelf is a simple route to travel . Check the photos of inside the vanity — don't assume dummy drawers are actual drawers and there are literally some cabinets that have one deep drawer that are pretty cool. Whichever way you go, confirm there's enough space to store those little things highest on your list.

Is a bottom, open shelf practical?
A lot of vanities have an upper closed cabinet with a lower shelf that's open. Or, maybe the cupboard is completely comprised of open shelving. Some small vanities are put within the ladies' room — no towels utilized in here or anything that require to be displayed. it's very fine if you decide for a vanity with open shelving and specifically only checked out options with closed cabinets.

Will prior damage from a pedestal sink (or whatever was in place before) be covered?
If your flooring is damaged/cut/has imperfections once you remove your former unit, the closer to the bottom your vanity cabinet goes, the less you'll need to worry about fixing/disguising the ground underneath the unit. We didn't need to do any repairs and every one imperfections were covered well, underneath our vanity. That said, if you’re nervous about your own situation, maybe choose a little vanity that isn’t super open on the lower half.

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