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Model NO. V010
Mounting Type: Wall-mounted / Material: MFC+PVC / Number of Basin(s): 2

Classic, elegant, snowy

Leave your bathroom looking its best with a fresh new centerpiece. While its wood frame says"traditional charm,"the Jennifer vanity's integrated sink says"sleek contemporary."The drawer storage space provides a spot for essential toiletries, cleaning supplies and more, making it easy to keep your space looking crisp and uncluttered.


  • 4 big drawers for storing bathroom essentials
  • 45° beveled invisible handle, precision design
  • DTC soft-closing wooden slide
  • Resin integrated basin
  • The silver mirror offers a clear reflection



  • Size: 750*520*520mm / 1510*525*520mm
  • Material: MDF (medium density fiberboard)
  • Color: White + black (knob)
  • Design: Transitional style. Elegant & fresh white color. 4 soft-closing drawers provide large storage space.
  • Drawer runners: DTC soft-closing rail. Silent operation. Smooth sliding. More comfortable to use. Less abrasion, more durable.
  • Patented design: U drawer with U-shaped ABS wall fitted around the plumbing, separating toiletries from the plumbing for a tidy look.
  • Hanging system: H90
  • Easy to install with minimal assembly required.


  • Size: 1510*525*170mm / 760*525*170mm
  • Type: Integrated
  • Material: Artificial stone
  • Color: White
  • Advantage: High-quality raw material. Sleek one-piece body. Seamless workmanship. Easy to dry, clean and maintain. Antibacterial and high yellowing resistance.
  • Pop-up: Included
  • ATTENTION: The faucet is NOT included.


  • Size: 700*25*600mm / 1500*25*600mm
  • Type: LED mirror
  • Material: Silver + glass + aluminum (frame)
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Advantage: Aluminum frame provides a strong look. Backlit LED light provides indirect & soft lighting. Iconic daisy shape touch switch. Intelligent anti-fogging function. Remove the water vapor on the mirror by one single touch. Combine functionality with aesthetics.

Jennifer, a transitional bathroom vanity, integrating both traditional and modern styles. Perfect for makeup use. Mirror with LED lighting.

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