Modern Dark Gray Bathroom Decor Idea


dark gray bathroom

Our bathrooms are frequently utilized as a place to relax and unwind. It helps if our circumstances are favorable to a peaceful mind in order to properly relax in a hot bubble bath or beneath a steaming waterfall shower. A dark grey bathroom scheme is not only stylish, but it also creates a soothing neutral backdrop against which the tensions of the day may fade away, allowing for a pleasant start to the day without being too abrupt. 

Enjoy the idea.
dark gray bathroom layout

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Bathroom area: 3-5 m2

Design style: Modern, Minimalist

Cost: $1,500~5,000

wood vanity in dark gray bathroom

A utilitarian bathroom area may be transformed into something significantly more beautiful with floor-to-ceiling tiling. Choose a color that will endure the test of time and that everyone in the family will like. Put grey on all four walls, but use white fittings and fixtures against it, as well as a few gleaming chrome accessories, to keep the color from seeming flat.
white smart toilet
chrome shower system

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