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At TONA, we consider competence and professionalism as some of the most important virtues in the development of new products. As a global market leader, TONA offers attractive solutions in bathroom products.

We work closely together with our customers as partners in a project, where we can provide the team with a high-end knowledge of our “know-how”. Our experience shows that involvement at the earliest possible stage is preferable in order to reach the best results. Otherwise, technical problems or limitations may not be taken into consideration.

We highly appreciate working together with new designers and we would like corporate in supplying each other from the earliest stage in developing their products to the final logistics.


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Rotatable Waterjet Cutting equipment




Production Capacty of Cabinets

Production Capacity


To guarantee the stable supply of goods, we have promoted the productivity. As our major product, the monthly production of cabinets is 35,000 pieces, which is 35 times of bathtubs, over 2 times of mirror


15,000pcs / Month


1,000pcs / Month


30,000pcs / Month


35,000pcs / Month

Tona R&D

Laboratory Test

Our production capacity far exceeds market average.

Cabinets: 35,000 pcs/month

Mirror: 15,000 pcs/month

Basin: 30,000 pcs/month

Bathtub: 1,000pcs/month

We are very strict and have invested a lot in R&D and quality control. Before shipment, 100% tested by color difference tester, hardware salt spray tester, board static bending intensity tester, melamine abrasive resistance tester, yellowing resistance tester, and box physical performance tester, our products are of supreme quality.

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