TONA – One-stop Bathroom Furniture Manufacturer At the 128th Canton Fair Online Show



HIGHLIGHT 1: “Freestyle” – TONA 2020 Theme of Bathroom Furniture

TONA as an international manufacturer of bathroom furniture, the theme of our products in 2020 is “Freestyle”. TONA has launched plenty of new categories this year, such as the Porcelain Slab Bathroom Vanities Set, the “Freestyle” Walk-in Shower Rooms, the Shower Tray, the Smart Toilet and so on. TONA intends to provide the “Freestyle” one-stop bathroom furniture solution all around the world.

Feel free to check TONA’s new catalog “2020 BEST SELLER” at TONA’s online exhibition hall:

HIGHLIGHT 2: Amazing Live Streaming with English, Spanish, Russian

During the Canton Fair, from Oct. 15 to Oct. 24, TONA will bring you amazing Live Streaming shows EVERY DAY. You will get to know our company, our workshop, our production, and the benefits of cooperating with us.

Click the link below to watch TONA’s Live Streaming:

TONA Live Streaming

Time Schedule


Bathroom Suite
(Beijing Time 8:00-10:00)

Special Show
(Beijing Time 20:00-21:30)


Bathroom 1 (Sophia+Martin)

New Bathroom Vanities (Rex+Christine)


Bathroom 2 (Penny+Jacky)

New Bathroom Vanities (Manlin) Russian


Bathroom 3 (Penny+Jacky)

New Bathroom Vanities (Daniela) Spanish


Bathroom 4 (Manlin) Russian

Bathtub (Manlin) Russian


Bathroom 5 (Sophia+Martin)

Bathtub (Daniela) Spanish


Bathroom 6 (Daniela) Spanish

Porcelain Slab Table (Penny+Jacky)


Hot sale (Kevin+Christine)

Smart Toilet (Margot+Glen)


Bathroom 1 (Sophia+Martin)

Bathtub (Christine+Glen)


Bathroom 2 (Penny+Jacky)

New Bathroom Vanities (Rex+Christine)


Bathroom 3 (Penny+Jacky)

New Bathroom Vanities (Manlin) Russian

HIGHLIGHT 3: The BIGGEST Discount of the Year During the Canton Fair

(Activities: Cash Rebate. New Product Pre-sale Discount. Limited Positions & Time for FREE Vanities and Bathtubs.)

During the Canton Fair, TONA will offer the BIGGEST discount of the year for hot-selling bathroom vanities, bathtubs and many other products.

A.New Bathroom Vanities Promotion Policy

1 pcs free bathroom vanity of New Model

Simon-900 For order amount ≥ 20,000 USD,

Plus 1pcs free bathroom vanity of New Model

Wave-1350, for order amount ≥ 40,000 USD

B. Bathtub Promotion Policy

1pcs free Acrylic bathtub of Kasch model

Leonardo-1800 or Accor-1700 for bathtub order ≥ 20,000 USD


enjoy -5% discount on 1st order of the new pre-sold

bathtub(AVANT, BICO, ANEW … more to be coming ).

Plus 1pcs free Solid surface bathtub of Kasch model

Meissen-1700 or Regis-1700 for bathtub order ≥ 40,000 USD


enjoy -12% discount on 1st order of the new pre-sold

bathtub(AVANT, BICO, ANEW … more to be coming ).

Please feel free to contact us if you have interest or any questions.

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