How to Install a Bathroom Vanity? It's Easy




The installation of bathroom cabinets needs a professional. Generally, the service is provided by sellers. If you shop online or the seller do not provide installation service, here are something you need to pay attention before you install the bathroom vanity by yourself.

1. Confirm the installation position

Before laying the floor tiles and wall tiles, confirm the installation position of the bathroom cabinet. Since the installation of the bathroom cabinet requires holes in the wall, water inlet and drain holes are also required. Once installed, the position cannot be moved. Therefore, confirming the installation position of the bathroom cabinet is a prerequisite before installation.

2. Confirm the shape and size

After confirming the installation position, choose the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet according to the installation location:

After the position of the bathroom cabinet is determined, the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet can only be determined according to the installation position.

3. Remember the plumbing

Check the piping diagram of the water pipe and the wiring diagram of the wire:.

When installing, use an electric drill to make holes in the wall, so it is very important to confirm the pipeline diagram and wiring diagram before installation. If you break the water pipe or wire wiring diagram, you must pry off some of the wall tiles, causing unnecessary losses.

4. Confirm the height

Generally, the standard installation height of bathroom cabinets is 80~85cm, which is calculated from the floor tiles to the upper part of the wash basin. The specific installation height should be determined according to the height and the habits of the family members.

5. Accessories

The accessories and installation of each bathroom cabinet are different, that is, the punching size (the size of the hole on the wall) of the same model is not the same, but the installation process is basically the same.


Now, let's get to the main dish.

Step 1. Before installation, check whether the spare parts are complete.

Step 2. Install a triangle valve to ensure that the hot and cold water inlet pipes are kept on the same level.

Step 3. Measure the distance and install the sewer pipe. Apply the glue evenly to ensure a tight connection between the tubes.

Step 4. Install cabinet corners to see if all corners are at the same level. Appropriate adjustments can be made after installation.

Step 5. Put the bathroom cabinet against the wall. See if the location of the inlet and outlet pipes is appropriate, and certain changes need to be made when it is not appropriate.

Step 6. Install the faucet. The faucet is best to be purchased with the bathroom cabinet, so that the water outlet angle is more suitable.

Step 7. Fix the basin faucet with a nut. One hand should hold the faucet well when fixing it, so as not to deviate from the position after installation.

Step 8. Put the basin with the faucet on the bathroom cabinet and adjust the position accordingly.

Step 9. The inlet and outlet pipes and the drain connecting the basin shall be of appropriate length and reasonable position.

Step 10. Install the handle (if there is one) of the cabinet and adjust it appropriately.

Step 11. (optional) Fix the basin and the ceramic tile with silica gel in the fixing method to achieve the stability of the cabinet and prevent leakage.

Step 12. Turn on the faucet and perform a water discharge test to see if the angle of the faucet is appropriate and whether the water is running smooth.

Step 13. Wipe the cabinet clean after the test.

Installation method of wall-mounted bathroom main cabinet: first check whether the wall is solid (if not, use a free stand type), according to the selected hole position, use a percussion drill to make a hole on the wall, and put the plug in the wall-mounted accessory .Put it into the hole, and then use the self-tapping screw to lock the cabinet to the wall. You can also use the expansion screw to install. After the cabinet is installed, align the countertop basin with the wooden sack of the cabinet and adjust and lay it flat.

Freestanding bathroom cabinet installation method: Lay the cabinet horizontally, screw the cabinet foot assembly to the fixing piece through the double-headed screw, and then lay the cabinet flat and place it in an appropriate position. The cabinet foot should be placed on the outside as far as possible, so that the cabinet can be stressed. balanced. And adjust to the level by the anchor screw. Check whether the four feet are stable when placed. If they are not level, the cabinet body will be unevenly stressed and the lines will be distorted, which will not only affect the appearance but also affect the service life.

Bathroom Vanity Installation Instructions.pdf

Here is a short video of the installation of floating bathroom vanity.

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