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HBP01 Drawer Box
HBP01 Drawer Box
HBP01 Drawer Box
HBP01 Drawer Box
HBP01 Drawer Box
HBP01 Drawer Box

HBP01 Drawer Box

Model NO. HBP01

Utility and utensils always go hand in hand, but what about the drawer you store them in? Sometimes, it can get a little cluttered. Don’t worry, this drawer organizer is here to help. Crafted by ABS, this eco-friendly piece showcases deep compartments and, measuring 12.6'' H x 8.3'' W x 2.4'' D, fits most standard drawers. Plus, this product comes awash in black, allowing it to blend with a variety of existing color schemes.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Deep flatware organizer
  • Fits most standard drawers

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