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FB093 Basin Faucet

Model NO. FB093

This faucet is 9 level electroplated so the surface is more beautiful and durable. The electroplated surface protects the faucet away from scratching. The faucet valve core is high quality ceramic valve core, which can be turned on and off for 500,000 times.


  • High Quality Ceramic Valve: The carefully selected material of this faucet valve core is high quality ceramic valve. This material makes the core can be turned on and off for 500,000 times, which is really durable.
  • 9 Level Electroplated Surface: The 9 level electroplating craft brings a nicer quality to the faucet surface, more beautiful and useful, which is not easy to get scratched.
  • Multifunctional Bubble Device
  • Water Saving: The bubble device makes the water mixed with air so the cleaning strength is enhanced, hence the water can be 50% saved.
  • Reduce the Splashing and Noise: After the water is mixed with air, the impact from water to the basin is weaken as well as the splashing and noise.
  • Filtration: The device can filtrate sand and impurity.

L: 165 mm
W: 40 mm
H: 165mm


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