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1. Q: What material do you use for bathtub?

A: Solid surface and Acrylic.

2. Q: Do you manufacture your own products?

A: Yes, we have our own bathtub production line since 2018,though we just have 2 years history, but our capacity is around 2000 pcs per month

3. Q: What is yourproduction period?

A: 45 days

4. Q: What is the material of drainer?

A: Copper

5. Q: Inner& outside thickness?

A: 3.0 mm & 3.5 mm

6. Q: Is your bathtub built-in or free standing?

A: We have the freestanding type and the against-the-wall type.

7. Q: Your packing method?

A: Regular is V5 box, V7 box is stronger for an extra $5.

8. Q: Can we modify the shape of the overflow?

A: We offer limited modification plan.

9. Q: Can you change the material of the drainer pipe to, for example, aluminum pipe?

A: Yes

10. Q: What kind of certificates do you have?

A: Most of our bathtubs are certified by CUPC.

11. Q: Loading ability of one 40’HQ ?

A: 1.7: around 65 pcs/ 40' HQ; 1.5: around 75 pcs/ 40' HQ

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