Elegant Modern Small Black Bathroom Idea


black bathroom idea

Black is a hue that many associates with formal evening dress and somber mourning clothes, a sophisticated and dramatic color that isn't often associated with dream décor–until now.

For a long time, black has been making waves in the design world, with the aesthetically elite incorporating onyx into their daily lives.

black bathroom layout
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Bathroom area: 3-5 m2

Design style: Dark, Simple, Minimalist

Cost: $1,000~1,500

gray bathroom vanity in black bathroom

The genuinely daring trendsetter doesn't simply utilize a little black here and there for trim appeal; rather, they take black to the extreme–all the way to the bathroom, in fact.

Because black never goes out of style, it will keep your décor fresh for a long time. A black bathroom may be refreshed at a reasonable cost by making a few décor changes every now and again.

chrome shower system in black bathroom

Contrary to common opinion, black is far from the bleak symbol of doom and gloom with which it has long been associated. Black is the color of darkness and subtle decadence, the air that surrounds the guy who enjoys a little mystery in even the smallest aspects.

bathroom vanity and smart toilet
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