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Wall Mounted


Model NO. A04
Mounting Type: Wall-mounted
/ Material: MFC

Volcano, mysterious, dark

This black modern industrial styled cabinet made of MFC with deliberate designs of T shape hidden and 45°invisible handle will become special and practical in your bathroom. The DTC soft-closing slide and the sound-deadening basin will help you create a silent using environment. Since the pieces are already assembled, after easy installation you will be able to enjoy your brand new vanity.


  • High-quality cement grey panel with black quartz sand basin
  • unique T shape hidden handle
  • DTC soft-closing guide rail
  • U drawer fitted around the plumbing
  • LED mirror cabinet


  • Size: 742*474*500mm / 792*474*500mm / 894*475*500 mm / 1192*474*500mm
  • Material: MFC (melamine faced chipboard)
  • Color: Cement gray + black
  • Environment Certification: E1
  • Design: High-quality cement grey panel coordinates with black quartz sand basin. Strong industrial style.          
  • Handle: Upper drawer: unique T shape handle. Lower drawer: 45° beveled invisible handle.  The ergonomic design avoids accidental bumps.                                                           
  • Drawer runners: DTC soft-closing rail. Silent operation. Smooth sliding. More comfortable to use. Less abrasion, more durable.
  • Patented design: U drawer with U-shaped ABS wall fitted around the plumbing, separating toiletries from the plumbing for a tidy look.
  • Easy to install with minimal assembly required.
  • Hanging system: H90


  • Size: 750*480*150mm / 800*480*150mm / 900*480*150mm / 1200*480*150mm
  • Type: Integrated
  • Material: Quartz sand
  • Color: Matte black
  • Advantage: Include mixed nanometer black crystal particles, showing matte crystal luster. Smooth surface, easy to clean. Double fired for durability and stain resistance. Antibacterial and high yellowing resistance.
  • Pop-up: Included
  • ATTENTION: The faucet is NOT included.


  • Size: 700*25*600mm / 800*25*600mm / 880*127*660mm / 1200*25*600mm
  • Type: LED mirror / mirror cabinet
  • Material: Silver + glass
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Mirror: Intelligent anti-fogging LED mirror. Remove the water vapor on the mirror by one single touch. Combine functionality with aesthetics.
  • Mirror cabinet advantage: Large storage with adjustable shelves. Touch open bottom LED light, providing indirect & soft lighting. Combine functionality with aesthetics.

modern floating bathroom vanity size 600


modern floating bathroom vanity size 750

modern floating bathroom vanity size 800

modern floating bathroom vanity size 900

modern floating bathroom vanity size 1000

modern floating bathroom vanity size 1100

modern floating bathroom vanity size 1200

modern floating bathroom vanity size 1200-2

modern floating bathroom vanity specifications



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