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Model NO.: S09
Mounting Type: Wall-mounted / Material: MDF / Number of Basin(s): 1

Unpretentious, romantic and mild

Gentle and tranquil, as warm as a light in the late night,

Home is always the safe harbor to hide from thunderstorms


  • Scratch resistant
  • Soft-closing hardware system
  • 45° oblique Invisible Handles
  • ABS material ultra super thin drainage pipeline access
  • Anti-bacterial

1.Material:MDF 7838+porcelain slab 8885
2.Color:7838 gray+8885 Armani Ash
3.Environment Certification:E1
4.Design:Imported porcelain slab; natural stone texture and touch; Big space three area drawer content to storage ;exquisite splicing paint, delicate surface for all sides.
5.Handle:45° oblique cut invisible handle,anti-cutting hand anti-collision, ergonomic Design
6.Drawer running system:DTC soft closing damping guide rail,noiseless while open or close, more comfortable to use, reducing abrasion,durable.
8.Patented Design:ABS material ultra-thin u-shaped drainage pipeline access, giving more storage space while keeping nice look
7.Hanging system:H45

1.Material:solid surface basin above countertop
2.Color:matt white
3.Advantage:High quality raw material, fine texture, one body aluminum stone, easy to repair, natural and easy-dry, keep the basin fresh, antibacterial and yellowing resistant

1.Material:LED sliver mirror
2.Design:half round shape
3.Advantage:Simple half round silver mirror, graceful curved shape, fashionable style,intelligent anti-fogging LED mirror, bring artistic Design and convenient in use



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