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Model NO.: B903
Mounting Type: Freestanding / Material: Solid surface / Number of Basin(s): 1 / Size: length: 400mm

Bright, implicit, fresh, meaningful

Inspired by cylindrical geometry, like a mysterious girl wearing a veil standing in silence,
The whole body shows the beauty of lines, distinctive visual enjoyment.


  • Solid surface column basin + Plexiglass basin
  • Better in flatness and Hardness
  • Not easy to get scratched
  • LED silver mirror
  • one-key lighting and defogging

1.Material: Solid surface column basin + Plexiglass basin
2.Color: Matte White
3.Feature: Better in flatness and Hardness, not easy to scratch
4.Hang system:H00

1.Material: LED sliver mirror
2.Design: Oval shape
3.Feature: High-definition silver mirror, unique small daisy touch switch, one-key lighting and defogging
4.Hanging System: H90



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