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Wall Mounted


Model NO.: V005
Mounting Type: Wall-mounted / Material: MFC

Unpretentious, simple, classic

This low-key styled bathroom vanity is so impressive that you may be completely attracted because it almost has hit all your sweet spots: high quality of the raw material, suitable color match and ingenious caft and design, beautiful, and also practical. Since the whole piece is already assembled, after some easy installation you will be able to enjoy your brand new vanity.


  • 45° oblique cut invisible handle
  • DTC soft-closing drawer guide
  • Chamfer detailing on each side
  • Resin basin, high hardness, not easy to scratch
  • ABS material ultra thin u-shaped drainage pipeline access

Material:MFC (Melamine faced chipboard)
Color:6293 T.Oak
Environment Certification:E1
Design:Nature oak color, Enjoy minimalism
Handle:45° oblique cut invisible handle,anti-cutting hand anti-collision
Drawer running system:DTC soft closing wooden slide, noiseless while open or close, smoothly feeling
Patent:ABS material ultra-thin u-shaped drainage
pipeline access, offering more storage space while keeping nice look
Hanging system:H90

Material:Resin basin
Color:White glossy
Features:High hardness, not easy to scratch,good flatness
Design:Square deepened basin with arc-angle inner groove, double design for splash proof;One body
Integrated molding, easy to clean, no dead angle and anti-bacteria

Material:Sliver mirror cabinet
Design:Rectangle design
Features:360 °visual mirror cabinet without dead angles, multi-layer storage, two-in-one function; flexible storage partition, free separation, humanized Design



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