Warm Small Retro-style Bathroom Design (+Tips of How to Choose Smart Toilet)



The pink & green color combination gives this bathroom a very warm feeling. The soft decoration also adds some light retro elements. The bathtub that has a long seat, with the shower and open cabinet hanging on the wall, it is like a dreamy bathroom in the movies. You may wonder how to choose such a beautiful bathroom smart toilet. Well, if you want to blend into this warm and retro atmosphere and have a good sense of user experience, how do you choose?

Since this bathroom is light retro and modern, the smart toilet does not have to choose an exposed water tank, you can choose a hidden water tank. The more modern the appearance, the simpler and more beautiful, and it can also avoid unstable water pressure from blocking the toilet.

A smart toilet with hidden water tank is chosen. In addition to the water tank feature, the shape of the bidet is very delicate, the volume is just right, not too big or small, and the presence is not cumbersome, so it can be used in a variety of styles of bathrooms. Fantastic integration~

The surface of the smart toilet has a rotating button and a kick switch on the bottom. It is more convenient for male to flush while standing. The overall surface color is all white, clean, with a pink background wall, which looks really easy on the eyes!

Because the bathroom is only 4 square meters, which means it is a small space. The automatic flip can adjust the distance of the smart toilet, which can avoid frequent flipping when passing by.

The live water of the smart toilet is hot. I think it is also the basic condition of the choice. The running water is instantly heated when sprayed out, and it does not cost much electricity. Warm (maybe a little hot) water is the foundation of a thorough clean of your bottom. It is hygenic and saves paper!

The nozzle is self-cleaning and detachable. It is also an indispensable function. Before and after using the smart toilet, the nozzle is self-cleaning to ensure hygiene. The nozzle is detachable because sometimes we need to wash it manually, so it is more convenient to remove and wash.

Regarding the waterproof level of smart toilets, try to choose IP X4 waterproof or higher level smart toilets, because smart toilets with poor waterproof performance are prone to malfunction due to moisture when exposed to water. After all, they are high-tech/sophisticated home appliances.

There are also functions such as smart deodorization, power outage flushing, and leakage protection.

My criteria for choosing a smart toilet is to look good first, and then look at the corresponding functions. You'll feel regretful if you choose a smart toilet that lacks some funtions that you don't think you need at first, because in the long run, some functions are really worth the buck.

We own our own lives, we can learn to be exquisite, to learn the sense of ritual, but don't just make do. In such a warm and beautiful bathroom, you can take a bath, you can take a shower, of course you can also have an amazing experiencing using the smart toilet to gain more happiness.

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