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Visaya B&B in Mogan Mountain



Client Introduction
Visaya is located in Mogan Mountain, Huzhou. The hotel has 7 rooms. In order to integrate the concept of “each room is an independent space”, the designer divided the building into three blocks, elongated the building, and has a wider view. It can also ensure the privacy of each room, without disturbing each other. In every room, the guest can feel the surrounding natural landscape entering the room, as if sleeping in nature and enjoying the philosophy of life in nature.

Design Concept
VISAYA Hotel is designed by Hangzhou Shishang Architectural Space Design Office, which always adheres to "the coexistence of different cultures, the coexistence of man and technology, man and nature" as the company's core design philosophy, coexistence thought and ecological design system, intending to create a pleasant, comfortable space. In Hengling of the Mogan Mountains, VISAYA Hotel is surrounded by a sea of bamboos, like a lighthouse on the sea, quiet and bright. The designer Shen Mo gave it an inviting temperament, harmoniously blending with this bamboo forest, symbiotic and unique.




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