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If you're planning to redecorate the bathroom, you could consider giving it an old-style makeover. Victorian style bathrooms are very much coming back into fashion, only this time with a modern twist.

Here, we have a typical example of a Victorian style bathroom with a modern touch.

Ornate, elegant and opulent. These three words capture the essence of a Victorian bathroom.

It may be unbelievable now, but in the Victorian era, the bathroom was a rather strange concept. Although public baths are common, private bathrooms in families are very rare and are only used in the upper class. This is because the cost of installing the plumbing is very expensive, and the working class cannot afford it.

The main hallmark is the bathtub, usually with a claw-shaped design, originally installed on a gas water heater. However, heaters known at the time could explode, which meant that many Victorians avoided using them altogether. The toilet is usually located separately from the bathroom, although it does include a pedestal sink.

Sinks and toilets are sometimes decorated with floral patterns. Other houses use wooden fences to cover sinks and furniture. This is a very basic and beautiful bathroom design.

Obviously, bathroom design has undergone tremendous changes over the past few decades. We no longer need to worry about the water heater exploding or separating the toilet from the bathroom because of the inefficient drainage system. Therefore, compared with the Victorian era, we have more choices when choosing a bathroom design.

This bathroom features white color with gray veinings. Traditional taps and the claw foot bathtub showcase the exposed metal that is such a popular feature of the Victorian style. The metal angel decorated lamp shows more about the style.

The sleek, minimalist smart toilet and shower room tell it is a modern bathroom. The gallery wall is also a great add-on.

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