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Minimalism is a major feature of modern decor. When a tub isn’t an option—or drawing a bath is simply too much to manage—a well-designed walk-in shower should do just the trick. While practical for our daily lives, there’s no reason they can’t also be luxurious and relaxing—even zen-inducing.

Modern showers are nothing short of works of art, built to standard as well as style, with unmatchable sumptuousness that may turn you off the good old-fashioned bathtub for good.

Boasting impressively eclectic designs that blend a number of eras and influences, modern showers also offer a performance level that guarantees years of use and minimal upkeep.

Anti-rust finishes, newly designed clog resistant drains, heated flooring, speedy water evaporation mechanisms, floating benches, illuminated niches–these are just the tip of the showerhead, so to speak. Modern shower models also utilize the best of today’s interior trends, from Art Deco to industrial chic, and even antiquated Roman bathhouse renderings, with no detail too small to perfect.

A shower is more than just a place to take a quick splash before bolting out the door in the morning or falling into bed at night; the modern shower pampers you and provides a gorgeous getaway from the outside world and its incessant strains. Just as faithful bath-takers swear by the tub’s soothing and transformative properties, so too can the modern shower act as your personal one-man spa.

We live our lives on the go these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve upon and savor the simplest pastimes. Bathing was once a ritual in and of itself, so why not bring a bit of that back into your own regime?

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