Luxury Designer Bathroom with Freestanding Bathtub



Here is an example that small bathroom can still make a decor splash. This high-class bathroom with wood grain style does not have luxurious, fancy decoration. It is the effect of soft decoration through the combination of light, shadow and hard decoration, which is more textured and attractive.

Washing area and bathtub shower area are two areas that take up most of the bathroom space.

The bathtub and the shower area are built together, and one side of the shower area is made of a piece of special glass as a partition, which is hazy. The glass displays a very different effect than ordinary glass when light shoots through it.

The acrylic bathtub is very spacious and comfortable. The lines and shapes are very sleek & beautiful. There is a marble coffee table next to the bathtub, where you can place a glass of wine and have an aromatherapy when you want to take a bath.

In the shower area and bathtub area, a tile board was also made on the wall, and a long storage board can store shower supplies and bath supplies at the same time, enlarging the storage.

A long bathroom cabinet is customized for the washing area. The background wall is made of fine wood grain bricks, with an irregular bathroom mirror, wall-mounted faucet, and hidden side niche storage columns. The entire area is simple, clean and bright.

The smart toilet is placed on the right side of the door. There is a layered column next to it for simple storage, and a practical electric towel rack is installed on the top, which can dry towels and bath towels immediately, without worrying about damp weather.

The smart toilet has a hidden water tank and stylish appearance, which does not look so bulky, but very delicate, and cost-effective.

The towel warmer will give you a brand new experience if you have not used it before. Imagine this, in the winter, you just took a shower, then you reach for the towel to dry yourself, but the towel is cold and damp... With the towel warmer, everything is different, the towel will be dry and warm.
Beside the warmth, the towel warmer also prevents bacteria growth. The bath towels breed bacteria faster than your toilet seat because moisture, warmth, organic food equates to bacteria gone wild. Bacteria growth requires moisture, so drying towels quickly reduces bacteria growth.

Light is also a very important factor in a luxury bathroom. In addition to the main light, many ambient lights cannot be ignored.

For example, the built-in lamps in the niches can increase the display effect of each layer. The lamps under the bathroom cabinet, the lamps under the shelf, the lamps around the ceiling, and the small downlights in each area are all to enhance the luxurious effect of the entire bathroom.

Under the charm of light and shadow, also the color matching of hard decoration. With the intelligent toilet, bathtub and other good things, such a light luxury and advanced bathroom can be considered a success.

Below is the soft decoration of the light luxury bathroom.

Smart toilet

Electric towel warmer

Acrylic freestanding bathtub

In-wall faucet

Marble coffee table

Nordic light luxury green stool

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