Living in a Fairytale with This Macaron Color Bathroom



The macaron color bathroom is a little girl's dream come true. Though the room is not spacious, it has shower area and a small bathtub. The wet and dry zones are separated by a transparent glass wall. The white smart toilet is a perfect match since it doesn't look invasive but is very practical. This is the kind of bathroom you will find in a fairytale.

Although this bathroom is only 3.9 square meters, the bathtub, which is a Japanese-style mini bidet bathtub, is not omitted on purpose. There are also two duck patterns on the outside wall of the tub. Double ducks, double cuteness. (If you don't think the tub is big enough, you can shrink the shower area a little and replace the tub with a larger one.) The electric towel warmer is right above the tub, so you can use warm towels immediately after taking a shower.

The bathtub and the shower are both in the wet zone, which means you can play with water in this zone in all the way you want, without affecting the dry area, which is separated by the transparent glass wall with a door.

The pink embedded storage cabinet above the smart toilet area extends from the toilet to the shower area, so that both areas have corresponding storage space!

Although there is enough storage space in the shower area, you can still choose a shower that has a shelf come with it. Its unique shape, specially selected white, with terrazzo and blue tiles, just looks super fresh!

Most people don't take a bath every day, but taking a shower is more frequent. So the shower experience could be quite important. The shower should have dense water output and a large spray range. And the white color fits the surrounding perfectly.

The shower has a top spray, a handheld shower and three lower water outlets. The lower outlets could be very convenient when you need water, like, mopping the floor. This kind of shower IS really practical and pleasing to the eye.

The bathroom cabinet is custom-made. The outside is painted with pink paint, and the inside is a terrazzo undercounter basin, which echoes the terrazzo tiles outside. It is equipped with a simple round bathroom mirror. It is lit with a small deer wall lamp, so there won't be shadows when you look at the mirror.

The blue tiles + terrazzo tiles in the entire bathroom are fresh and bright, decorated with pink, adding a little girly heart, there are many ambient lights, cute decorative stickers, which all make this bathroom full of warmth and fairy tale feeling.

Imagine in the winter, it is snowing outside and the windows are full of ice flowers. And you are taking a warm bath in this macaron color bathroom, the steam and heat surrounding you. If this is not happiness, I don't know what is.

Soft decoration reference:

Smart toilet (with hidden water tank)
Multi-functional shower
Electric towel warmer
Robot vacuum
Body fat scale
Aroma Diffuser
Minions ornaments
Fawn Wall Lamp

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