Forest is Calling



When is the last time you went into the forest? Do you still remember how good it feels breathing in the fresh air? Have you ever thought about leaving the packed city and hide yourself in the nature?

Actually, you don’t have to really do that.

Forest, a new series of TONA bathroom vanity, takes you closer to the forest to feel the nature, and help you find out the real self.

The forest is the cradle of lives, a gate to the true nature. Every masterpiece of humans comes from the nature, same as the Forest.

The cabinet is made of solid wood, a popular high-class material which looks natural. The walnut color brings the breeze of forest, releasing your stress and tiredness. The material is highly welcomed by high-end consumers in case of its elegant look and nice water proof feature, which extends the lifetime of the vanity.

This design of handles perfectly shows the beauty of modern minimalism style. To save the material of handles and to provide a concise look, this handle design is much considerate for its inner arc angle, which is gently fit for fingers.

The countertop adopts 3mm porcelain slab, pure volcanic stones baked in high temperature and high pressure. The extreme conditions for the processing make the hardness of the slab overtake the knives, which mean it will not tear even if you cut it with knives on purpose. The slab also reaches the food safety standard, healthy and green.

Vessel basin is the most convenient kind of basins for repairing. The ceramic material is baked in high temperature, so the surface is smooth and easy to clean. The hardness also can prevent the basin from scratching and cutting, durable and useful.

Most vanities are lack of storage space, this is because the drawers have to sacrifice a lot of space for the drainage. If it’s a small size cabinet, your storage will be a big problem. With this patented design, problem solved! The U-shape ultra-thin drainage pipeline access can give more storage space while keeping the look great.

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