Colorful Modern-style Bathroom Decor



This colorful bathroom has the hallmarks of a modern design: simple geometric shapes (dominated by squares and rectangles), the sleek bathroom vanity with white integrated basin, the colorful shelves, the terrazo wall and floor, and little in the way of decoration.

The bright yellow bathtub definitely makes the room here. Not only does it add a touch of color (which you can change according to your mood), but it also makes the bathroom even warmer, and more homey and welcoming.

An obvious feature of this modern-style bathroom is an open plan, especially with the transparent glass walls around the diamond showers. FYI, this is especially good in small spaces, making the room appearing bigger.

Not all bathrooms have to be cold and sterile to be modern. With all the colors, yellow, pink, green, white, the space is beyond warm and inviting, which looks extremely attractive in winter time.

This one definitely has more decoration than most modern bathrooms, but the decorative items are simple, with basic shapes: airy frames, paddles, and pictures.

Though the tub is outside of the shower, the bathroom can stilled be considered to be wet-room style, thanks to the glass shower walls. The space is used effectively, very effectively. Note the slight incline of the shower tray that helps the water drain.


The French window with blinds let in a lot of natural light, making the room bathing in the sun.

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