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Bio-und Wellness Hotel Stanglwirt



Client Introduction
Bio-und Wellnesshotel Stanglwirt is located in the Tyrol region of Austria, at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser Mountains in the Alps. It uses local materials to reproduce traditional architecture and local history, and penetrates the ecology of every corner. The unique architectural/interior design and the surrounding spectacular natural landscape create a fairy-tale mood that is unforgettable.

Design Concept
One of the important collaborators in the architectural design of the hotel is the prestigious German architect Karl H. Schwabe. He believes that building construction requires a lot of investment, but unfortunately, modern and stylish buildings do not seem comfortable and natural to the world. But the Stanglwirt hotel is different. People see the Stanglwirt hotel building full of strong Tyrol regional architectural symbols with unique design elements. A large amount of local wood and stone are used inside and outside the building, the gentle double-pitched roof and the exquisite detailing that can be seen everywhere. In addition to using organic building materials, pure wool carpets, 100% cotton napkins and bedding, as well as meat and cheese directly from  farm and mountain spring water sources owned by the hotel, guests will feel that they are part of the organic world.


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