Amazing Bathroom Design That Fused with Nature



The bathroom is supposed to be more than the cleaning utilitarian room of the house. Its purpose should transcend the basic needs and extend to the relaxation zone, a space where time melts, problems and concerns can not enter and where the supreme goal is the total pause of the body and mind. Contemporary design lines tend to go overboard, including all sort of technological items meant to pamper us even more.

In our opinion, such utensils are useful to some extent, but the primary issue we tend to have is our inability to really disconnect and let go. In such a case, the surrounding environment, hence the bathroom, must be equipped with the necessary tools to get us to that stage where we are in perfect harmony with the universe and where our bodies and minds have the chance to restart their engine.

Thus, we strongly advise for a natural design line, where textures, colors and materials blend in in a harmonious composition. Use stone, recycled wood, white textures, rocks that exude nature and life. Combinations like this will ensure great results, favoring the odds of an incredible serene experience.

Sometimes the beauty of nature requires no refinement. This bathroom features a double-shelf rough wood counter with drop-in sinks and modern faucet fixtures. The balance of polished and unpolished, wood and stone, make this bathroom a striking space.

The beauty of nature is that you can really never have too much. If you’re in the mood for a major change, try outfitting your whole space in organic goodness. Bonus points if you include plant accents for some added definition like this bathroom.

In addition, nothing makes a style statement quite like an accent ​wall. And, as you can see, accent walls don’t need to involve paint or wallpaper. Choosing a stone indented wall, like this one, will give your bathroom a resort-style feel while minimizing the need for added decor to complete your look.

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