7 Bathroom Design Tips for Your Modern Bathroom



The bathroom is the most private space in a home.

In the past, we paid more attention to the practicality of the bathroom.

But today's young generation is increasingly demanding the quality of life.

In addition to being practical, the bathroom should also be comfortable and stylish.

Usually the concept of bathroom design is related to the design and arrangement of the entire living space at home.

Its style is determined by a complete visual concept.

For bathroom designs of different types and styles, we have some tips below.

1. Set up a bathroom niche (alcove)

The niche can store toiletries.

Combine both practicality and aesthetics.

2. Add wooden elements

Wood elements make the bathroom warm, making a sharp contrast with cold stone materials.

Different materials enrich the visual effect.

Beware, it is necessary to use wood with good waterproof performance when selecting materials.

Or carry out the waterproof and moisture-proof treatment.

3. The terrazzo has made a comeback.

Fashionable as always.

It's great to use terrazzo in the bathroom, which perfectly coordinates with various materials and textures.

4. Adopt overall lighting

Combine local lighting with general lighting to brighten up the whole room. Enable one to see and walk about safely, while also able to perform 'delicate' work like putting on make-up.

Add spotlights on the ceiling or set up hidden light strips on the facade, making the lighting diversified and more sufficient.

5. Separate dry and wet zones

Separate the shower area from other areas by partitions.

This way, the dry area can keep dry and hygienic,

It can also keep the bathroom clean and beautiful.

6. Consider under-mount sink

The vessel sink is easy and convenient to install, easy to repair, but also is easy to splash and inconvenient to clean.

In contrast, the under-mount sink is much easier to clean and maintain, with simple wipes from the countertop.

7. Install floating toilet

The wall-hung toilet saves up space.

It gives a futuristic and clean visual effect.

However, check the plumbing in your bathroom before buying a wall-mounted toilet.

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