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Smart Toilet



1. Q: What is the material of the smart toilet?

A: Ceramic.

2. Q: What are the differencesbetween these models?

A: Each model has its own function, we will email the details of each product to you. You can contact us here and leave your information below.

3. Q: What is the brand of smart toilet seat?

A: TONA have been authorized to sell KASCH (originated from Germany) smart toilet seat.

4. Q: What is the material of your smart toilet cover?

A: Plastic-PP; add additive; anti-microbial; anti-yellowing.

5. Q: What’s the warranty period?

A: 3 years.

6. Q: What are the customer age groups for this smart toilet seat?

A: All, especially for mid to old people.

7. Q: What’s the voltage?

A: We will recommend the proper voltage plug by country.

8. Q: Do you have certificate for electrical smart toilet seat?

A: Yes

9. Q: How to install the smart toilet seat? Is it difficult?

A: We will send instruction video for installation.

10. Q: MOQ for smart toilet seat?

A: We offer retail sales on our smart toilet seat starting with 1 pc.

11. Q: Can you do OEM for my brand?

A: Yes, we offer MOQ for OEM with minimum 100 pcs purchase.

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