11 Bathroom Layout Ideas You Can Use Right Away



The bathroom is an indispensable part of the home, and its proper layout is closely related to its comfort, especially when the area is small. There are many types of bathrooms and their layouts are also different. I will briefly explain the following aspects:

1. Introduce common bathroom layouts of 3㎡, 4㎡, 5㎡ and 6㎡

▼3㎡ bathroom layout

(1). In the square bathroom, making good use of the corners is the key to the layout. A quadrant shower enclosure will be a good choice. There is no wasted space, and it is not crowded. The separate shower area is practical. The floating toilet and sink will give the bathroom a good sense of elegance and depth.

(2). The bathroom of 3 square meters can also separate dry and wet zones. The toilet is installed in a separate space divided by the partition. The vanity and the bathtub or shower are installed near the door, which is convenient to use, but the size of the bathtub may be a little bit small.

▼4㎡ bathroom layout

(1). Double vanity really comes in handy for many families. Two people can use them at the same time, which is very convenient; the "side" setting of the bathtub makes good use of the width of the bathroom. The toilet has a simple separation effect.

(2). Straight-forward dry and wet zones separation. The position of the shower can avoid the 'dead' corner. The countertop is a little far away from the door.

▼5㎡ bathroom layout

(1). The linear layout of toilets, washbasins, and showers makes good use of the "strengths" of the apartment type and avoids the "weaknesses", so that the bath will not be crowded due to the relative setting of the functions. To a certain extent, dry and wet separation is achieved.

(2). The toilet and the shower have their own separate areas, which achieves more complete separation of dry and wet zones. Using the storage shelf made of the shower partition wall, the shower area and the washing area can be used at the same time, and it will not occupy "extra" space. The only shortcoming is that the washbasin with a higher usage rate is a little farther from the door, and it will be somewhat inconvenient to use.

▼6㎡ bathroom layout

(1). The vanity has become the "protagonist" of the bathroom, and the toilet and shower area are "hidden" behind. The space is neat and has a good decorative effect. The sliding door of the "toilet room" uses the same material as the wall on which the washbasin relies, which will give the bathroom a good overall feeling and achieve better "hidden" effect.

(2). Place the toilet separately to achieve simple dry and wet separation. The open shower area can effectively reduce the narrowness of the space, but it is "connected" with the washbasin. When bathing, there will be more water flowing under the washbasin, which is inconvenient to clean. It is better to install water-retaining accessories in the shower area to solve the problem.

(3). The bath is "divided into two" by a partition, and the smaller side is used as a "dry area" for toilets and urinals, while the larger side is used as a "wet area" for vanities, showers, and bathtubs. , The space is regular and orderly; adding a glass partition between the bathtub and the vanity, and the width of the vanity can well "separate" the two areas.

(4). People who like to take a bath can choose a larger-sized corner bathtub, which meets the needs of use without being crowded. The "perfect docking" with the width of the washbasin makes the space much tidier.

(5). The corner bathtub and quadrant shower enclosure make full use of the corners of the bathroom so that the toilet, vanity, shower, and bathtub are all placed in the bathroom. The space layout is flexible, patchy, and layered.

2. Tips for Bathroom Layout

(1). Door types. The swing door will occupy the bathroom area during the opening process and have a certain impact on the function setting after opening. But for sliding doors, there is no such problem, especially in small bathrooms. Applicable, but the airtightness of the sliding door is poor. If the shower is close to the door and there are no water-retaining accessories, there may be water flowing outwards. Please pay attention.

(2). Install niches. Plan for niches before you confirm bathroom wall construction. The niche provides extra storage space for bathroom essentials and make the room tidy, without taking up floor space.

(3). Floating style sanitary ware. In the bathroom, the floating style of toilet and vanity can increase the sense of space and depth, and can visually "expand" the area of the bathroom. It is very suitable for small bathrooms.

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